Modbus firmware update for EDMI Series 3 Hardware

EDMI meter firmware version 2.460.02 has been released for general use.

The release includes MODBUS functionality for the Series 3 meter hardware, as well as, various bugfixes and updates for the following models: MK7A, MK7C, MK10D and MK10E.

Once the firmware upgrade to the EDMI meter has been completed, please refer to the following process.

To achieve MODBUS activation, a ‘live’ change will need to take place in the Series 3 hardware, there are two options:

  1. Write registers FF07=1 (SCADA port override) and FF04 (MODBUS ID, optional) as part of your meter config steps. This can be achieved via Task File or general write to register of meter.
  2. Configure FF07 and FF04 (Modbus ID) LCD screens to allow for in-field change of port options. Please note that LPA have not tested Option 2. 

LPA has completed some testing on the MK7C and MK10D Series 3 meters.  

  • We can confirm that the Firmware upgrade of 2.460.02 installed ok. 
  • Modbus was activated by writing to the register FF07=1 using general write function. 
  • General read of register indicated FF04= 56 (Modbus ID) – the Modbus ID default is the last 2 digits of serial number.

LPA tested several methods for reading the Modbus registers on the MK7C.

  1. Using the SCADA port connection and the EDMI ECD485 via the 2 wire RS-485 screw terminals through 485 USB converter to PC. 
  2. Using a RS232 USB converter to meter via SCADA port pins on 7 (RX), 8 (TX) and 4 (GND).
  3. Using Serial to ethernet converter via meter SCADA port connection to PC. 

Modbus registers remain the same, click here to view.

If you would like the latest Firmware, please request from


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