How Innovation is fueling Decarbonization

The rapid momentum we are experiencing in decarbonization has been assisted by a phenomenal growth in technology, products and solutions.

Commercially viable products such as solar panels and batteries have seen industry adopt on location distributed energy resources (DER) as key aspect of decarbonization.

DER has enabled the FCAS market to offer cost reduction and revenue opportunities.

AEMO announced the 1 second FCAS market last year. The key requirement is that the facility must be able to deliver the enabled amount of power within 1 second and maintain it until the 6-second fast FCAS response kicks in.

Expected Benefits from the FCAS market are:

  • Lower costs for frequency control ancillary services.
  • Incentivize technology development and innovation, especially in inverter-based technologies like wind, solar PV, batteries, and demand-side resources.
  • Enhance reliability and security beyond frequency control management.
  • In summary, the Very Fast FCAS rule ensures rapid response to maintain grid stability during critical events, benefiting both consumers and the power system.

The key enabler to achieve these benefits is having Power Quality Meter with fast measurement.

Building on our history of providing reliable energy meters to Australia, LPA Smart Meters is proud to offer the iMeter 8 that meets the latest specifications.

Input / Output
  • Standard 8 or optional 16 Digital Inputs
  • Standard 4 or optional8 Digital Outputs
  • 2xSS Pulse Outputs
  • Optional 2 Analog Inputs
  • Optional 1 Analog Input
Metering and Recording
  • IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S Compliant
  • Basic Measurement @ 1S
  • High-speed measurement @ 1/2 cycle
  • Multi-Tariff TOU and Demand
  • 8GB on-board log memory
Power Quality
  • IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 2 Compliant
  • True RMS @ 1024 samples/cycle
  • 2-150kHz C.E. Measurements
  • IEC 61000-4-7 Harmonics/Interharmonics
  • PQ Disturbance Detection
  • Disturbance Waveform Recording
  • EN 50160 Compliance Reporting
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