The PMC-350-C 3-Phase DIN Energy Meter is CET’s latest offer for the wireless IoT energy metering market using the LoRaWAN technology for its Long-Range wireless communication capability. Housed in a standard DIN form factor measuring 72x70x95mm, it is perfectly suited for extremely space restricting environment. With a standard RS-485 port and Modbus RTU protocol support, IEC 62053-21 Class 1 compliance as well as an optional AS923/KR920 LoRaWAN Module, it becomes a vital component of an intelligent, distributed and IoT based EMS. The PMC-350-C optionally provides 4xDI for Status Monitoring, 2xRO for Control and Alarming, 2xSolid State Pulse Outputs for Energy Pulsing as well as 4xRTD and 1xIresidual Inputs for Temperature and Leakage Current measurements, respectively

Product Key Features
  • Optically Isolated RS-485 port
  • Modbus RTU Support
  • 3-phase Total and per-phase kWh, kvarh Import/Export/net/Total and kVAh Total
  • 40mA Input for use with 50A/40mA, 100A/40mA, 200A/40mA,
  • 400A/40mA, 800A/40mA or 1600A/40mA SCCTs (SCCTs not included)
Typical Applications
  • Industrial
  • Commercial and Utility Substation Metering
  • Building, Factory and Process Automation
  • Sub-metering and Cost Allocation
  • Energy Management and Power Quality Monitoring
  • LoRaWAN Class C IoT Energy Metering at AS923/KR920 ISM Bands
Features Summary
  • Ease of use
  • Basic Measurements
  • Enhanced Measurements
  • Setpoints
  • Multi-Tariff TOU
  • Max/Min Log
  • SOE Log
  • Monthly Energy Log
  • Daily/Monthly Freeze Log
  • Data Recorder Log
  • Diagnostics
  • Communications
  • Autonomous Data Push with the LoRaWAN option
  • System Integration